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Griasdi Gathering 2K17 - through the eyes of a photographer

Dernière mise à jour : 4 sept. 2017

Griasdi Handpan Gathering 2017 - 2nd edition

Did you know that 'Griasdi' means 'Hello' in german?

What better name to welcome you in a festival?

One month after exploring the wide universe of the French Handpan Festival (find my story of it here), it was time to take the road with my friend Emmanuel and drive 14hours straight to Haag in Austria, to assist to the awesome Griasdi Handpan Gathering and meet again loads of friends.

Oh.. we were doing well driving that far from France with me having my hand in a cast after a mountain bike fall, and my friend his knee in the same situation, but we made it to that very special place, a very intimate and beautifully looking Böllerbauer.

(Again if you're curious about what it is to experience a festival as a photographer with the first one of this summer you can start with reading my first article.)

A place where kids are everywhere around.

A place where you can have cats on the stage with you.

A place where a crow is hanging around when Pam is wonderfully painting Evatek cases for handpans.

You got the point, this Handpan Gathering is special.

A place where you want time to stop for at least 1 month, where you wake up in your tent and meet friends 15m away from it, then take a brunch on the small food stands around then you can rela..... No! Just get ready you lazy *** and prepare your gear for the day! - cuz' I told you it was a photographer journey right ; ) you can't take that time to relax, otherwise you'll miss moments!! :O

David Hauser, not only a musician

The first part of my day

It's often tricky to get to charge your several camera batteries in festivals so everything must be planned in advance, and before the stages open, you will experience tons of sweets moments too, I consider this as the first part of my day, just 'life on the festival' precious moments.

Kids playing with the giant bubbles of Aramis.

And this is starting in the morning when everyone is still talking about the 'yesterday shows' after sleeping 4 hours , after you woke up because someone was playing Handpan music already at 8am.. seems that I am not alone thinking there is no time to lose!

Marcel Hutter & David Hauser

The 2nd part of my day

Taking beautiful shots of the artists is the second part, the stage opens and people start to regroup on the grass to listen, to continue to speak watching & listening to the show, to chill, to take the best nap ever in the sun.

Nap time is always a good time.


Every stage is different, sometimes you have no space to move, sometimes you have so many people that you can't walk around it, sometimes you can't even go on the stage itself.

Every festival comes with its own challenges but there is ONE thing I love, it is when the musician looks at me, and sometimes it never happens. Here I wanna share it and invite you to focus on the eyes, you see the expression here? It's like diamonds to me.

Adrian J.Portia surprised!

The 3rd part of my day

This time though, I tried to spend more time with people around, in more intimate context too, and when the stage is over, the day is On for at least 3 more hours.

This is my 2nd article today, 2nd story of my experiences of this summer Festivals.

Again, thanks to all the people who made it happen, especially the one who represent the organizers like Martin Zoepfl and Peter Gabis, but also to all of you for your feedback & support.

Sending much love


Kabeção & Sebastiaõ

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