Made of steel sheet & handcrafted, Handpans are inspired by the well-known Hang®, designed by PANart Hangbau AG in the year 2000.

Fascinated by the potential of this both percussive & melodic sound sculpture, the name MYST has been chosen to qualify the characteristic Mystical resonance of its sound into people's mind & soul / among other reasons more.. mysterious! 


The journey with steel started in the early 2017.

'Playing a handpan is inviting a sense of magic & harmony into our lives. If we let the instrument guide us, our creative musical potential is easily and playfully tapped into.

Presence fills our minds. We drift, we flow, we feel restored. Handpans are intuitively and easily accessible even to people without any musical background. A truly universal instrument for our times.' - Soma

Where are you based?

The MYST workshop is actually based in the south of France.

How is it done?

Each MYST Handpan is made from steel, which is Half-deep-drawn, Half-Hand Sunk and hand hammered into tune.

How can I order one?

Orders & requests are taken by emails or facebook.

Flash sales are also posted on facebook.

Who is crafting it?

Every Myst Handpan is crafted by Vincent 

What dimensions is an instrument?

Every Myst Handpan is 53cm in diameter, 26cm in depth and 1mm thick.

Does it come with a bag?

Each instrument can come with a bag, it is something recommended for its transportation once you have it; and for the shipping too. Despite there are several bag makers around the world,  I am mainly working with the products I've tested which are the rigid cases from Namana Bags

Can I order any scale?

We might consider any kind of scales yes.

What are the costs?

Price for an instrument is between 1450-1550 euros, depending the scale, hardcase & transportation fees included, depending of the country of destination. Sometimes I could offer cheaper instruments. The number of notes is also impacting the final price as it changes the difficulty of realization and the required time to craft it.

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